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Julian Sablowski

University of South Florida

March 25, 2012

What happened to Jeremy Lin?

About a month ago, there was this all around hype about Jeremy Lin and how excited everyone is that this player may just be the next big thing that the New York Knicks and the National Basketball Association needed. He managed to help the New York Knicks quite a bit, and the only reason why he was able to start is because that the New York Knicks were faced with a lot of injuries. Now we are currently in the middle of March and now that I come to think about it, what happened to Jeremy Lin? Is he still playing? Will he be traded? Is he still alive? I am asking these questions because I have not heard anything since the start of March, maybe its because I am not keeping up with the NBA as I should be.

I was doing some statistical research throughout ESPN on Jeremy Lin’s player page and during the month of February in which he first started to start playing as a starter for the New York Knicks, he managed to get nothing less than a .350 shooting percantage. As the month in February progressed, he managed to decrease his performance, and once the month of March started, his performance started to become lackluster. My question for you now is, did the pressure get to him or is he just not cut out for the NBA, or should he be traded to another team in the NBA where the media attacks their players less? These are all questions being pondered not just by me, but by other fans in the NBA as well.

In all reality, Jeremy Lin could be a potential franchise player for any team in the NBA, but that all depends on whether he wants it bad enough or not. We have seen the same situation with Tim Tebow in the NFL, he has the opportunity to become a great player, as long as he has the right coaching because he went to a school in which there was only one or two formations executed that he would feel comfortable in. Jeremy Lin, on the other hand, attended Harvard, which is a great academic school, but in terms of college basketball, it is not necessarily a school I look at and go “Hey, lets go to Harvard and scout some players that we want on our professional basketball team.”

Jeremy Lin stated that if he would not start in the NBA this year, he would retire and try to find another career that would fit him. This was said before he actually had a chance to start for the New York Knicks. Since he made that statement, I dont believe that any NBA team would let this happen after the performance that he gave in February. Regardless of how he performs for the rest of the season, one team in the NBA will definately realize the potential that Jeremy Lin has not just on the court but also in the heart of the fans that watch him play. Jeremy Lin’s reputation is similar to that of Tim Tebow’s reputation in the NFL. Both players are great, young, and everyone wants to see them succeed, but the question is, will they succeed or are they just publicity stunts in order to gain revenue for the teams?